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Matthew ross
My wife got her phone wet on our honeymoon and it shut off and we could not get it turned back on for the life of us. It was extremely important we got the phone turned on to get our honeymoon photos off of the phone. We called Verizon, physically went to Verizon, and drove 40 minutes to an Apple store just to be shot down by all three. We were told the phone was fried and she needed a new phone. A friend told me about mobile rescue so we desperately drove out there hoping something could be done. Alfredo said within 5 minutes he’d have the phone working and ready to use. Inside I laughed a little and I wanted to call BS but he did not disappoint. Within 4 minutes the phone was apart, and hooked up to a machine of his that diagnosed exactly what was wrong with her phone. We wanted to trade her phone in so he got it in perfect working order so we can trade it into Verizon for full value. When we went there he could see our desperation that the honeymoon photos meant a lot to us and you can’t put a price on that. He easily could’ve charged an arm and a leg knowing we’d pay to get the photos and not lose those memories. He did the exact opposite and told us he’d stop at nothing to help us get our information back. I was mostly surprised when we went to pay him and he told us not to worry about it, just to recommend him to a few friends and make sure we come back to him if we have any issues. I can say without a doubt if we ever have any issues we won’t even think about going anywhere else!
Excellent service! Saved me from running around with a rip-off phone. The service was extremely fast and staff was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend anyone going here you won’t regret it
Trevor Simmons
Was pleasantly surprised when I found my charge port wasn’t broken and that there was just some lint preventing it from charging. Even better it was cleaned free of charge and in no time at all. Will definitely recommend and bring all future business here.
Heydi Fernandez
Alfredo provides great customer service for reasonable prices. I’ve gone to him many times and will keep going back. I highly recommend him if you need your phone serviced. A++