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Lisa Neubauer
This place is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!!! Positively HORRIFIC to deal with. They have had my phone over a month now. Quoted me a price and told me it would take two weeks to get it done (which is fine) two weeks turned into three weeks with the promise of a discount for my wait. Three weeks turned into over a month with no word from them at all and no communication. After a solid month or better of waiting with little to no word from them I called back only to be told that I'll be called back, they called me back at almost ten o'clock at night to tell me that after my month long wait that it will now be thirty dollars more than the original quoted Price after waiting a full month. Telling me he's doing me a favor and he should charge me a hundred dollars in labor even though those fees were not disclosed or discussed in writing ahead of time (sounds like a con job to me) he was trying to make it sound like he was doing me a favor. Then when he said something to me that I didn't quite understand I asked him to explain it again and he said to me "we'll it isn't rocket science." Absolutely heart breaking experience with this company. I'm so thankful that places like the better business bureau and the trouble shooters on the news are here to help consumers like me. Beware when this company tells you they have to mail out your phone.
sajal raja
We walked in and were assisted right away. We needed something done very urgently and the employees got right to it. It was very quick and efficient service. Everybody is so nice here. This is my go to place anytime i need tech repairs for anything.
Avery Jordan
This place was pretty awesome. I was out of there in like 28 minutes on a Thursday at 11:50. The shop was clean, they’ve got cool screen protectors for sale, they have complimentary water in a mini fridge with a comfy lounge and tv....oh and they fixed my iPhone 8 Pus screen at a super reasonable price AND threw on a complimentary screen protector....AND they got me out of there in like half an hour. The service was great and the employees I saw were nice and attentive and they were knowledgeable about phones. I’m actually considering coming back to get my laptop checked out. Highly recommend.
Brijae Mann
Today Marlon repaired my iPhone 7 Plus for a reasonable price. It only took 15-20 minutes for $99.99. Apple would charge you approximately $169. Highly recommend!!