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Came in with a broken iPhone 7 screen, spoke to Jason and he was beyond helpful with everything. Dropped the phone off and picked it up later in the day working good as new! Thank you again! Great help and very very friendly!
Awais Chughatta
Service here is incredible! Knowledge people who can help you out with anything phone or computer related! Speedy and quality service!
Peter Graca
I could not believe they were able to fix my water damaged mac. I never leave reviews but I absolutely had to. I had not backed up my computer and had memories that were priceless. I am so extremely happy they went above and beyond to fix my Mac. Unfortunately, Apple, ifixit, pcw could NOT help me. I was willing to pay anything and I put my cards on the table and told every place above. I was taken advantage of at these other places and I was ok with that if they could get my data off my computer. My experience here at mobile rescue: I walked in, met Jason who greeted me as if I was family. I told him that my computer had suffered a spill of a nearby drink and absolutely fried my computer almost instantly of using. Jason explained his process to me of how he actually fixes his repair which honestly was very nice to hear, it reassured me that he was actually going to work on my device and do what he can. Not only did he fix my mac but he also gave me a copy of a backup of everything just in case any corrosion came back and damaged my mac because he did tell me that something like this was possible. HE ONLY CHARGED ME 29.99 up front for the service and if it was successful, which it was, 89.99 TOTAL. I got my LIFE back, the memories of family who were not here with us anymore. I paid less here than i did at other places just for TRYING. THANK YOU JASON AND MOBILE RESCUE. You went above and BEYOND my expectations. GOD Bless!!!!!!!
jason graca
Fast, friendly, and affordable! Great service and a very knowledgeable tech